Sweet Virginia Breeze and Sneeze!

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Through bleary, itchy, allergy-attacked eyes I am looking forward to all things SPRING in Richmond this year! Our sweet baby Ezra was born in late August and aside from a few early fall outings, he has been cooped up with us all winter long and is now finally seeing that there are such things as long, sunny days spent outdoors and adventures out of the house. It is our mission, and really it’s our responsibility as parents, to make sure that our baby gets to enjoy the awesomeness that spring brings.

This past weekend, his Father and I decided that we would not waste any of the sunshine sitting indoors and packed up our little Bug for some fun. On Saturday, despite the strong wind, we ventured to Maymont to see some furry animals, all new creatures to our son. Ezra donned his new whale hat to see the sights and greet the animals. We saw goats, sheep, and a potbelly pig with a pretty severe underbite. We had a big day and were all tuckered out when we packed it up to head home.

The next day, my Irish heritage called and we answered! We were off to the Irish Festival in Church Hill for a day of people watching (and dodging) with all the smells of fried food and beer wafting through the air. The sound of bagpipes and drums played as we made our way to safety in the kids’ area. Ezra seemed relieved to be out of the crowd, and honestly I was too. We enjoyed the warmth with a slight breeze as we took turns holding Bug and just being outside. We spent the afternoon as a family, truly just enjoying each other and the beautiful weather. Lovely. Beautiful. Perfect, really.

That Sunday evening, we sat at home soaking in the memories we made that weekend before returning to work and daycare on Monday. The three of us sniffling and sneezing from all of that fresh air! But I will sneeze and smile every time because it’s a small price to pay in exchange for 70 degree days and sunny skies.

More things to look forward to this Spring include, but are not limited to: First Friday Art walks, Easter on Parade, Arts in the Park, afternoon walks, picnics at Maymont, strolls through Hollywood Cemetery, etc. Will there even be enough time in the season to do all of the things that Richmond has to offer? YES, a resounding yes, we will make sure of it! And I hope you will too!

Now how is this post art related? Spring also breathes new life into me as an artist. I am on a mission to paint (when the baby sleeps) and be around other artists and makers to keep me inspired. I am going to try very hard to go to art shows and Friday art walks this year and invite all of you to do the same. Life is not happening on Netflix and memories are not made on your phone. Let’s see each other face-to-face and connect! I’ll be keeping an eye on upcoming events and will probably be sharing some in the hopes that you will get out there with me and my family.

Stay the weirdest, Richmond! Austin has nothing on us!

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